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Welcome to KIWC

After working at several companies within the industry and with more than 20 years of experience, KIWC started his activities in august 2013. KIWC is an independent company which supports all welding, inspection and QA/QC activities.
Main area of expertise: (Petro-)Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Pipelines (on- and offshore), Manufacturing and (offshore) Structures.

Summary of services:

Welding Consultancy (ISO 3834)
  • Welding Consultancy IWE (certified LPI C 320)
  • Failure Analysis, Repair & Support
  • RCA, Root Cause Analysis
  • Technical Expert EN ISO 3834
  • QA/QC Engineering & Support
  • In-Service Inspection (I&K L3 acc WDA&T)
  • New Build Inspection, vendor inspections
  • Project Management & Support

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Seat test 6" ball valves at 60 bar

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RCA on boiler pressure part

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1 maand geleden
Inspection of furnace welds

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1 maand geleden
KIWC New member of NEN NC 341008 "Welding & Allied Processes"

door @KIWCGrou

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